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Program Objectives

To achieve visibilityinnovation, and sustainability, the challenges will consist of the four objectives to be satisfied, as follows:


  • Through teamwork and networking contestants shall demonstrate their knowledge of current events and social issues within the deaf community.


  • Through program activities, contestants shall demonstrate their ability to utilize visual media, project management, and team collaboration as they employ effective management and delegation skills in innovative advocacy initiatives.


  • Contestants shall utilize effective management and delegation skills in being innovative advocates.

Presence (Role)

  • Contestants shall demonstrate the presence and poise required of a diplomatic, passionate, and charismatic ambassador of the deaf community.


NAD Youth Ambassador Program aims to create a sustainable platform and competitive environment that facilitates visibility, innovation, and sustainability within the deaf community.

The NAD provides a platform for a collaborative community competition in which the project mission and vision are achieved:

Visibility: Create a platform in which young deaf and hard of hearing advocates are made visible to the deaf community.

Innovation: Create an environment which facilitates and encourages the creation of innovative community projects.

Sustainability: Invest in the development of deaf and hard of hearing youth advocates.


The contestants will create a project that addresses an issue within the deaf community:

Visibility: Contestants present their advocacy initiative in a way that demonstrates poise/presence and clearly define the issue and how it will be addressed within their project framework.

Innovation: Contestants create a project that is original, creative, and practical (cost effective and doable).

Sustainability: Contestants create a project that ensures long term positive impact on the deaf community. This will require the project to not only be for the community, but strategically involve members of the community to ensure long term impact and implementation.

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