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Preliminary Round: Seek a Sponsor
Applicants will have to find a sponsor - a state association or an affiliate organization - who can support him/her - through representation and finances - throughout the competition. State associations and affiliate organizations will conduct an interview to select an applicant.

The applicant must mention the name of his/her sponsor during the second round. 

Round One: Video Submissions
Applicants submit a two-minute video clip signed in ASL with English captions on a current social issue that he/she is passionate about. The video must include: (1) an explanation about how the chosen issue impacts the deaf and hard of hearing community; (2) provide an example of a way applicant is addressing the issue.
Score: Videos will be reviewed and screened by the YAP Committee and NAD staff.
Prizes: Winners will be recognized by the NAD on the NAD website and through social media.

Round Two: Seven-Day Challenge
Contestants will be given a set of challenges to complete within 7 days in their local community (e.g. but not limited to, collect letters from state association board members, volunteer at a senior citizen assisted living center, talk to five organizations about the NAD, arrange a fundraising event, and so forth).
Score: Reviewed by the YAP Committee.
Prizes: Winners will receive a complimentary NAD membership for one year.

Round Three: Retreat and Challenges 
During the retreat, at a specified Conference location, contestants will demonstrate their ability to employ various skills in areas such as advocacy, marketing, leadership, and conflict resolution. The contestants will plan and participate in a sponsored event which will happen after the Opening Ceremonies. “Hot Seat,” also known as private interviews, will take place in this round.
Score: Three judges will interact with contestants and share feedback. During the private interviews, there will be five judges (the same judges for Round 5; three judges from this round and two additional judges).
Prizes: TBA

Round Four
TBA (will be at the conference)

Round Five
TBA (will be at the conference)

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